Deydesa Landfill

The Otua Group has a high-capacity infrastructure for efficiently managing inert non-hazardous industrial waste generated during our recycling processes or by other companies.

The waste we process consists of non-recoverable materials, and it is our responsibility to manage it in an environmentally-friendly way.

This is a large landfill site with a working capacity of 3.9 million m3 and an operational area of 14 ha. The landfill is located in Igorre (Biscay) and is one of the largest infrastructures of this type in Northern Spain.

The Vertedero Deydesa site complements the Otua Group’s comprehensive recycling service, optimizing the recycling process of the industrial wastes.

Technological Benefit

Opened in October 2009, this non-hazardous waste landfill site uses the latest technology available for this type of facilities, enabling us to design specific solutions for the exact type of material our clients wish to manage.

With a view to efficient management, it has a sorting plant for separating recoverable waste fractions, and other processes include waterproofing the landfill base and sides using an artificial geological barrier and artificial impermeable lining.

The design of this landfill and the technical solutions used comply with European standards and ensure responsible environmental management of all the material we process.

Our value

The aim of our waste management processes is to ensure correct surveillance and security of the waste stored, helping achieve minimum environmental impact through suitable management.

Services provided

This infrastructure enables us to efficiently manage other companies’ industrial waste and the non-hazardous waste generated by our recycling enterprises.