Recycling as a great ally of our planet.

At the Otua Group we carry out our activity with the responsibility of caring for our surroundings. In a context in which raw materials are more scarce and difficult to obtain, recycling is vital for the development of industry and society.

By recovering and recycling materials, we are collaborating with the sustainability of the surroundings in the medium and long term, improving overall quality of life of society and the area that surrounds us.

All our companies have are committed to caring for the environment within their areas of activity.

Social responsibility

We improve the people's overall quality of life.

The companies that make up the Otua Group are involved in social improvement. A significant part of our philosophy is to improve people's overall quality of life. For this reason, we have started to implement the programme "Companies with Heart" by Cáritas, with which we aim to share and promote the values of solidarity, justice, respect and equality. A way of improving the overall quality of life of society as a whole.

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